There are many arguments over the superior material used for exterior furnishings, with various styles of wood and metal being touted as the superior blend and only choice. We may be a little biased, but after crunching the numbers and looking at the exquisite averages of teak outdoor furniture, there’s really no competition. Teak outdoor furniture exudes more than just a simple elegance or durability. It’s well-rounded and irreplaceable in terms of its longevity, unique style, and natural ability to withstand immense physical battering.

In essence, teak outdoor furniture is more akin to a super-wood than your everyday run-of-the-mill alternative. There’s a reason its popularity has been on a non-stop upward trajectory for many years and continues to be in demand around the world. There’s something intrinsically beautiful about a piece of teak outdoor furniture, it’s ineffable in many ways, but lo and behold, we have boiled it down to four of our particular favourites for the material.

Without further ado, here are the four inescapable charms of teak outdoor furniture.

1.   Historically Rich

One of the cooler aspects of the material is the history that often comes with certain shades of the material. Especially if it’s reclaimed teak outdoor furniture, which essentially means the materials have been harvested or cultivated from an already established source. In the case of teak outdoor furniture, typically the material has been sourced from examples like old warships and explorer vessels which used the wood quite commonly in older times.

The naturally sourced durability was a major reason for its popularity in older times and still stands to reason why it’s still popular to this day. The notion of having an old navy warship in your garden as the sturdy and reliable dinner table has quite a nice ring to it. Not to mention it will be the pinnacle of conversations in the future as you sit down with friends or family and regale them with tales of the tables haunted past.

2.   Incredible Durable

Teak outdoor furniture has a good reputation in and of itself. The absolute natural strength is something to behold, with its natural predication being so immeasurably strong and hardened by nature. This serves a very useful purpose as it’s able to be moulded and crafted into a number of designs with very little trouble.

The agile strength of the material also lends itself to unique and often creative design potentials due to the weight-bearing nature and hardened natural strength of the material.

3.   Naturally Built

dining teak outdoor furniture

The natural marvels of the material seep into the oils themselves. With teak outdoor furniture there is no exception, with the tree and wood from whence it came being remarkably potent with rich and natural oils that remain resilient over a long period of time. This gives the wood a sleek and refined finish with very little outside interference and upkeep. It’s this natural superiority that lends itself to be so dominant in the field of debates surrounding exterior furnishings.

The natural oils also have a wondrous effect on the differing shades and slight variances in natural beautiful colour that exist in teak outdoor furniture.

4.   Made For Exteriors

It’s almost as teak outdoor furniture was designed by nature itself. The natural elements of the wood notwithstanding, the strengths also reside in the woods natural resilience to extreme weather conditions including bitter cold and steaming hot alike. The wood also seems to have a natural repelling factor for certain pests like termites, of course we still recommend caution but having a natural repellant is always a plus.


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